My Mother

Lucille Shick

I just wanted to talk to my mother and tell her the things that I did not get to before she died. That is not entirely true because even tho she could not answer me I did tell her that I loved her and wished that things could of been different.

She was found to have brain cancer and had only two weeks or less to live. I live in Tucson Az. and She in Charlotte, Michigan. By the time I was able to get to her side, she had a major stroke and was unable to talk.

When I walked in the door of my nieces home where she was my other sisters came in thedrive way. My younger sister from Ark. and My twin sister Linda from there in Charlotte. When the three of us went into the house, mom was in a chair in the room. You should ofseen her eyes light up. I know that with out a doubt that she knew us.

She got this big smile on her face.

The next day the light was gone. It was just a matter of time.

We, I mean family, spent the next few days surrounding her with prayers and much singing. She had her eyes closed and when we would quit sing, she would raise her eye brows.Sisters and brother, nieces and daughters and son, grandchildren and great grandchildren would be there. Mom for the first time had a audience.

After she passed away I felt her hand on my shoulder many times. She would say it is all right.

My mothers name was Patricia Joyce Pratt. She was 67 when she passed away. She a differentkind of lady. All in all she did the best she could with what she had to work with. Many times in her life there was nothing at all to work with. I bet with 5 childern all under the age of 5 it was so very scary at times.

I just quess what I really wanted to do was talk to mom and tell I love her but that shecan not have my twin sister. I need her and that she is part of my heart that beats.

I know that mom knows that Linda has been found with a tumor in her head. Some where and that Linda has not been doing good for the past year. I feel like I am so very far away. Mom knows that I love Linda so very much.

I know you probably think that this is so silly. My heart feels like some one is sitting on top of it. I feel so lost. The tears in my heart and on my face do not make the pain any less.

Thank you for the time you have taken to let me write this. You do not have to do any thing with it I just wanted to write some of my thoughts

Sincerely, Lucille

Lucille Shick

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