Woman of Hope and Spirit

Kristy Semeniuk

Pat Goshko was my aunt. She was also a mother, a wife, a daughter, a grandmother and a friend. She was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma a month before her passing. This was devastating news, but we had hopes that she would survive and recover. In hours that view changed, she was gone, like a whisper you aren't sure you heard, only one month later.

She was an amazing person. All the people she met were instantly attracted to her. She was the embodiment of grace, acceptance and love.

I remeber the times we spent together. I always felt I could tell her anything because I knew that she would listen. Even to a child, listen and really understand.

I do believe she was an angel I believe that she was here to prove that the human spirit is great and that it is strong. That we can achieve anything we want and be the person WE want to be. Pat Goshko proved that because she overcame the many obstacles that stood in her way. She stared them in the eye and trampled over them. And in the process inspired the rest of us to have that confidence and ambition.

I can never thank God enough for blessing me with my Auntie Pat or for giving me the honour of knowing her. I only wish my children could have known what a wonderful woman she was. I only aspire to be as compassionate and understanding as she was.

I hope heaven is treating you well my sweet Patsy cause God knows not a day goes by down here that we don't appreciate what we have felt becuase of you.

Love will forever be in my heart.

Now you have your wings.

Kristy Semeniuk

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