Anjela, My Daughter and Best Friend

Dot Swank

My heart, Anjela was murdered by her ex-boyfriend while she slept in our home on Dec. 7, 2001. He covered her face with a pillow and slit her throat, somehow she found strength to fight, but she was tangled in her sheets and was found on the floor by my sister. After the coward killed my daughter, he went home and shot himself in the head. He lived long enough to have his organs harvested. My daughter never got the chance.

I am so sad and I am having a hard time coping because when I lost my heart, I lost my best friend. I keep waiting for her to walk in the door with that pretty smile and always a kiss for me. The last time I saw her was on that Thursday night, she was wrapping Christmas presents for her two year old cousin, Diego. I love her so much and I know she loved me. She was always worried about me and always wanted to take care of me now and through old age. I miss her so much it hurts. I miss our chats, her hugs and her company. I don't know how to live without her. Friends try to comfort me, I accept it and I am grateful. They say time heals......

Anjela lived life to the fullest. She loved her job, looked forward to going back to school in the spring, always had something nice to say, she was loved by many but she put family first. She loved her cousin as if he was her own child. She loved her ex-boyfriend unconditionally but sometimes that is not enough. She wanted him to go and better himself. After almost two years of broken promises, she had enough. She did not want to be sucked in that black hole he called his life. She wanted out of the relationship but he is so selfish, he took her life away.

I am angry because I don't understand how one person can love somebody and then take her life away because he gave up on his own? I am mad because there is no justice. The man that drove the coward to my house is free because he claims to know nothing about the coward's plan.

Thank you all for allowing me to express my thoughts. God bless.

Mail welcome.

Dot Swank

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mail welcome

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Date of post - 1-1-02

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