Missing My Daddy

Hannah Rose Michel

I was only 11 weeks old when my dad was killed in an awful car accident. He was hit head on by a Jeep Cherokee. The other driver died too. The State trooper woke up mommy and called MeMe to come see mommy. Then mommy had to come pick me up at Grammy's and tell Grammy and PaPa that Daddy was dead.

I used to love it when my dad would sit with me on the couch and just talk to me. He would make me laugh. My mom tells me that she will never let me forget who my daddy was but it will not be the same as if he was here. He was a good looking, gentle man. He had a deep voice that I loved. My mom plays a tape that she has of him talking and I keep looking for him but don't see him. It makes mommy cry but she knows that it is important that I know as much about him that I can. Mommy is keeping everything that she can for me to have when I get older. I even have a few pictures of Daddy with me. Daddy was usually the one taking the pictures. The picture included was taken 4 days before my daddy was killed. I know that he loved me and it was not his choice to leave me and mommy but I still miss him.

During daddy's funeral I met a lot of strange people and it scared me so mommy took me home. Everyone wanted me there but mommy knew that I needed to stick to my schedule. Since daddy's coffin was closed they had some boards up with pictures of him from when he was little up until the day before he died. This might sound tacky but after everyone left Sunday night mommy took pictures of the boards and his coffin for me when I get older.

It has been a few weeks since my world crashed apart but I am starting to find a way to live without daddy but it is hard. My mommy is taking the best care of me that she know how and we are living with Poppa and MeMe so she has help. It will take a while but we will be okay. At least that is what mommy tells me

Hannah Rose Michel

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