My Heroine


My mom died 7 months ago of a brain stem stroke. I was out of the country on a class trip over Easter Break. Apparently she had been putting away clothes when she collapsed. My younger brother and sister witnessed this and yelled for my father, who called an ambulance and she was rushed to the hospital Meanwhile, I had promised my mom I would call her while I was away. The particular night I chose to call, she had already had her stroke. My grandmother and grandfather answered the phone. They weren't expecting me to call, so they told me my parents had gone to dinner and a movie and they were babysitting my siblings.

I was unaware, but my dad had called the travel agency who had gotten in touch with my teacher in charge of the trip. He knew and told all the other chaperones what happened. Everyone knew except me.

That night about 4 AM He woke me up and told me to pack, that I would be leaving early. When I asked why he said my mother was in the hospital. I thought for sure it was a car accident since my grandma said she was caring for the younger kids while my "parents were out".

I was so scared. I cried the whole time and finally went to the airport at 5AM with our teacher and guide. I was flying alone, as an unaccompanied minor.

The flight home was hell. I flew for 8 hours with several connections. I finally got home around 6 PM. I had called home from every connection airport determined to find out what was wrong. My grandmother didn't tell me because my father asked her not too.

When I finally got home, my dad met me at the gate and told me what happened and we went to see my mom in the hospital.

We were told she was completely paralyzed except for some limited eye movement, and could only survive a year longer. My father made the hardest decision in his life, to shut down life support.

We didn't want her to suffer. This mad me angry since my mom wasn't mentally affected, just physically. It was like they were killing a living, breathing, thinking person. It didn't bother me that she couldn't move. I thought as long as she could think it would be all ok. 10 days later, April 26,2001 my mommy died.

The funeral was 3 days later. So many people came, they had to bring chairs into the church and some people stood in the back I only cried when they sung Amazing Grace. For the most part I was in shock. I was in shock for the following 3 months. Life drifted by in a haze.Only now, 7 months later, have I mustered the courage to cry and share my story and feelings I love you mom and will miss you always. You will always be my heroine.


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