Angel Andrew (age4)

Doris Hooker

Our story starts with a miracle.. When I was 4 months pregnant I found out my son Andrew had congential hydrocephalus (water on the brain). We were given little hope Andrew would have a happy life, but we knew we would love him unconditional.

Andrew was a fighter and even though the hard times he always had a smile and a heart of gold. He was our miracle. He beat all the odds and amazed the drs.. he walked, talked and did everything they said he would NEVER do.

Then in a instant our world changed. On Jan 9th 2001 Andrew passed away due to aspirating on his vomit while sleeping (He was only 4 yrs old). We miss him so much and sometimes wonder HOW he could of come so far and then passed away due to something that didnt have nothing to do with his hydrocephalus, but then we remember how lucky we were to have Andrew in our lives for a short while. He was definitley our gift from God. He will always live on through our memory and a piece of him will always be in our hearts.

Missed and Loved by:

Daddy, Mommy & sissy Megan

Please visit our website: In Memory of Angel Andrew
Always Loved Never Forgotten

Talking about someone may not bring them back....

But silence does not change the fact they are gone

Doris Hooker

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