In Memory of Sky


Hello my name is Paula. My daughter died on May 27,1999. Although it has been over three years since she has been gone it still feels like it just happened. This is my story.

At the time of Skys birth I already had a son Ron whom has the same birthday as Sky July 24. This was not planned. I was in abusive marrige so she was like a shining light when she was born. A child that everybody stopped to look at because she was always smiling. I got out of this marriage when Sky was four to a wonderful man whom gave us every thing any family could want. We were happy. Sky would have been two months from being seven when she died. She had only been out of school for three days. Although I did not have to work I decided to work at the daycare for the summer since she loved it so much. The last couple of years of her life she spoke of death alot. It really bothered me. She would always say momma why do people cry when someone dies? They should smile because they have gone to be with the angels. She ask me often momma if I died would you missed me? About a week before she died I ask her to please quit asking me that. I told her that if she ever did I would cry forever. I would be sad because she was my baby girl. Upon telling her that she reached over and touched my chest and said, "I will always be in your heart."

The morning of her death it was raining so I spent alot of time with her. She was not in my class so on a normal basis she would not have been with me. I told her I loved her many times that morning. She was the kind of child that hugged everyone. You had to love her. I had people tell me that they really didnt care for kids, but they liked her. I would have been going to lunch in about ten minutes. She came to me and said she felt like she was going to throw up. She laid down and grabbed her head and begun to scream. When I picked her up she look like she had fainted. Her eyes still open. Going to the hospital the men told me not to worry she would be alright. I had begun to pray and her voice came through me telling me good bye. I knew before we got to the hospital she was gone. She was so healthy. Never been sick hardly a day in her life. She died from a blood vein bursting in her head. This usually happens in adults that have high blood pressure gets so high. It is very rare in children and she did not have high blood pressure. My marriage ended in less then a year. I am unable to work because of panic attacks. I am happy with the fact that I know that my Sky is with the Lord. She will never hurt again. Sometimes I still can not believe this has happen to me. I miss her so much. That is why I am here today visting this website. People ask me how do get through every day and how do you go on living? I tell them God is the only answer. I continue to pray. He is not going to take away your pain but he will make it possible to live with.



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Anniversary date - 5-27-99
Date of post - 11-11-01

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