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For a very long tIme I thought I never could have children. Then I got the shock of my life - I was pregnant!!! Well I went to the doctor and I was 2 months. I kept up with my doctors appointments and took care of myself. Then on July 24 I started passing blood. So I went to the doctor and they admitted me in a local hospital that night. The morning of July 25 I was transferred to another one 150 miles from my home, because they thought if I went into labor they did not have the equipment to save my child, so I stayed there from Friday until Sunday. On July 29 around 4:30am my water broke - only in the first days of my sixth month. I gave birth to a 1lb 8oz lIttle boy at 9:20am. I was happy and scared at the same time because he was so early. Time passed and he did great!!!!!! Then on August 27 God took my son. He had a real bad infection, which is common for preemies. Still now I cry a lot - I wonder, why!!! Theres so many questions but just no answers.


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