My Father Taught Me A Lot


My father was 40 yrs old when I was born. He was a little old fashioned in his time but I loved my dad. I hear stories about children today who have deadbeat dads (including my own child) and am so proud of my father for sticking it out with me.

Everyone in my family thought we were dysfunctional, there was a lot of problems within our little circle, but whenever things would start to go bad he would always shelter me from it.

When I hit the age of 15 he basically let me run my own show because I totally refused to let him do it for me. I ran all hours of the night not caring if he was worried sick about me. And Id always come home to my room, warm bed, and tv that he provided.

My father taught me a lot of basics about life. You dont have to be rich, though it would be nice. Love comes and goes.and sometimes it stays, and once someone is in your heart your never going to get them out.

Bills come first or you wont have necessities........etc. I could go on and on. I would like to take this opportunity to tell my father thanks, and that Im sorry for all the hell I put you through on this earth. You are my dad, and you weren't scared to be, you stayed by my side through it all and I love you.



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