I Miss My Special Angel


As I stare at the picture's of my father when he was alive and the picture's of him in death , I cry for my loss. My heart is broken into a million peices and I can't find the way to picking them up and repairing my broken heart right now. Although I know thru Gods love and grace I will. I feel that we only come by this truly remarkable love and understanding one time in our live's and we should feel glory and appreciation for this special relationship we have with our father. My Father was my special angel sent straight from heaven to this earth just for me. A man who never raised his voice or raised his hand to me, but yet spoke to me and loved and nurtured me. God allowed his stay on this earth for 92 years, but for me a hundred and ninety two was not enough. My father took me in and raised me for the last 38 years of that stretch here on earth and he was truly one of God's special Angels the kind that this earth only gets to keep on loan for a little while.

I wish that I could see him just one more time hear his voice on the other end of the phone say moms in the garden, but remember how much I love you , almost as though he has always tryed to prepare for the day he left me on Sept 1, 2001. How does our hearts and minds give up an angel from God so easily . I know its called divine faith in the fact that my dad is back in heaven and he is no longer suffering .

Now I'm the one suffering from this great loss. I look forward to the day when I CAN STOP WAITING FOR HIM TO RETURN TO ME JUST ONE MORE TIME. For when does the tears stop and smile returns to my heart. How does one stop hurting and start healing? Sheral Thomas Reed MY BLUE EYED ANGEL ON EARTH. IT WAS MY EYES STARING BACK AT ME AND MY SMILES BEING RETURNED I MISS THEM SO MUCH .


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Anniversary date - 9-1-01
Date of post - 10-31-01

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