My Son, My Best Friend, My Shadow

Annette Barry

My only son Adam died on 13th April 2001. It was meant to be Good Friday, but to me it ended up the most terrible day of my life. My Adam was a gentle, loving young man with the world to explore, he was always shy and his shyness stopped him from doing alot of things that he wanted to do. He has a sister that was only 18 months younger than him and he loved her so much, and she adored him. They were inseperable. My 2 children lost their father in an accident in 1997 and this was devastating to them, Adam felt it alot because he loved being with his dad who worked on the railways, he would get a ride on the train now and then, just always with his dad with work. When the train come into the station he would run up and watch it until it left. We lived in the country and the train was there daily loading the trucks with wheat and barley. As Adam grew older he started to collect model trains and ended up with a big collection, he would sit in his room for hours just fixing up his models and watching them going around the track. Adam loved his railway models, loved animals, especially our cats, loved doing the gardening and always wanted to either work on the railways, be a farmer or fly with the Blue Angels Navy Marine Corps.

But Adams life was cut short on that fateful night, I will never see my sons beautiful smiling face again, or hear his voice again. That is what hurts the most. Adam was with me for 20 years, where ever I went he was always right behind me. He was my shadow. For those terrible people that hurt him well, justice will be done. Adam I love you forever and beyond,and Adam your sister is missing you so bad. Always remember that Mum and Sheree love you and you are always with us.

Love from your Mum.

Annette Barry

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Anniversary date - 4-13-01
Date of post - 10-21-01

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