Rene's Many Losses


My mother died at age 34. We did not have to tools to diagnose mental illness in 1975; she spent her life self medicating, since then so have I.

1 year to the day later my Great-grandmother passed away of old age; 5 years later to the day my grandfather - broken heart, he never recovered over the loss of his daughter & refused medical treatment- he was 67.

My next shattering experience was my husband of 17yrs. 11yrs. and 1-week later he had a Mayo cardio infarction, and died on his way home from work, he was 36yrs. old!! This time, not only did I have to go through this, but we have 2-sons. My world shattered and experience of the same taught me what they'd endure

5yrs. later we are still struggling through this and are dysfunctional; I've lost 2 grandma's and my father in-between, but I am cold, I digested my Mom with the insanity I felt (feel) with my husband & I'd like to say I'm sorry for my behavior to both of them and to Tim "I Love You", thank you for always being there for me, and loving me, You were the best husband anyone could ever dream of having, my past with you is the best part of my life. We miss you.


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Anniversary date - 1975
Date of post - 06-28-01

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