You Left Me on Valentines Day

Simon Kirtland

Valentines day,

My third spent alone.

Like a lettuce kept in the darkened cellar,

Rotting in my own excrement,

Gently peeling away layers,

Exposing my delicate insides,

No one wants you,

No one wants to use you.

You are mouldy.

You are used once then thrown away.


Each leaf peeled away represents evertime you took from me and made me


More vulnerable.

Making it simpler,


Easier to get inside me,

Inside my head.

To play with emotions and torment me on both the inside and out.

I feel hurt,



You rip away at me untill Im a minute size,

Then you step on me,

Releasing my natural juices,

The voices dissapear.

Now I truly am alone,

By myself,




Endless torment.

Simon Kirtland

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