My Dad - The True Gentleman; Cancer - The Devil

Sheridan Hamlyn

Well it is 3:00am in the morning and my pain is so great I cannot sleep again, I have one image in my head, my dying father holding my hand, wanting to get away from all his pain. God, it hurts so much!!

My entire family gathered in the last few weeks of my fathers life and we all nursed him around the clock until his death on Friday 20th April,2001.

My father was the best, he wasn't famous, he wasn't rich, he didn't invent anything, but he was my Dad and I miss him. God, how I am missing him. At the moment it is so hard to remember all the good times, because all I can see is the pain, the suffering and that bloody disease, CANCER !!

All I can say at the moment is - you are the greatest Dad anyone could have asked for and I love you.

Rest, you deserve it after all you have been though - God Bless you Dad.

Your daughter Sheridan.

Sheridan Hamlyn

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Date of post - 05-28-01

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