Happy Mother's Day, Mom


Happy Mother's Day, Mother, I wish I could send you flowers today. You know that I thought the world of you. You were my world. You were and are everything to me. When I picture your face, my gut feels so much pain. I ask myself why do I cry so much when I think of you. Is it that I long for you, is it that I long to feel your hand on me, your sweet laugh, your incredible love for me that I miss sooo much. I look around my house and all I see is your touch-- the curtains you made for me, the candlestick holder you said was so me, you are everywhere, your recipes, your special touch, they'll never be another touch like that--- ever. How precious time is--even as special as I knew you were to me when you were here-- it still hurts.

I hope you are sooo happy and safe and free and I hope you are where you want to be and don't want to come back. I want the very best for you-- please be with me, though, if you can. I love your company. I'll always love you, Mom, now and forever. God Bless Us.

Your loving daughter,


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