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My name is Lisa C.DeVito. I am the mother of 2 children. My baby, my precious daughter was killed in a car accident on Sept.4th, 1998. She was just shy of her 18th birthday. The responding officials failed my child terribly. She was a back seat passenger in a small BMV in which the driver lost control while manuevering a slight turn. He was most certainly speeding. He was also arrested on the scene for felony drunk driving. The speeding charges could not be proved because the responding CHP did not measure the skids marks properly. They claim it was too dark. The blood alcohol level was not tested on the driver for nearly 5 hours, and therefore was minimal. I was asked to sit through the court proceedings of the drivers (just 1 week shy of his 18th birthday) and subjected to the outragious ramblings of his attorney. This was extrememly difficult.

Ultimately i was satisfied with the judges determinations and sentencing, but it was a long, hard, expensive battle. I can find it in my heart to forgive a young reckless boy, however so much more is involved. we were not provided any official reports for over 3 months. We were led to beleive that my baby was thrown from the car and found under it.

this proved to be horribly untrue. 21 rescue officials, including 3 fire departments, 2 CHP units, the park & Rec police and the American medical response ambulance team all responded to the scene. The driver pulled himself free of the over turned vehicle and assisted the front seat passenger who was terribly damaged. Less than 2 feet away, behind the drivers seat, on the uncrushed side of the vehicle, my precious angel lay bleeding internally from a crushed spleen. Her leg was damaged, but no other serious injuries were incurred. These officials took the front seat passenger and the driver, who was awake and walking to the hospital.

Thay all LEFT the scene without finding my daughter. The tow truck driver discovered my child some 90 minutes after the accident. All the rescue officials were called bsack to the scene, and my baby was pronounced dead upon their arrival.

Can anyone help me with this?????

My precious angel was robbed of all DIGNITY. Aren't these people supposed to take responsibility for this unbeleivable negligence?? A hearing in Hayward California on March 9th is scheduled before a judge to determine if there is negligence here! No officials contacted by the media can ever remenber ANYONE being left in a vehicle at an accident scene!


I need help in bringing this to light, the public should know, AND i want dignity for my child!! Any and all feedback is appreciated!

PS I have all the articles on disk, if anyone is interested, I can send them along!

Lisa C.DeVito

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