Faceless Crowd


enters, a bland expression upon her face, the room is white, the chair in the center is white, no door or window. nothing.

Soon-to-be job opening! The fabulous part of a shadow in this faceless crowd we call society. No tryouts, no rehearsals, nothing! Just assume the role of another nothing who left in despair- and will never return. You can assume their role, their life, absorb the reality. It will be yours. So interchangable.

expression becomes a look of anguish. So why do I want to exist? It's Tay's brithday today, he's supposed to be twenty. And instead he fell, slitting his wrists, crimson blood pooling on the floor, Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' playing on repeat in the background. I loved him, and I never got to say goodbye.

jumps up in tears, tosses chair to the ground and beats fists against the walls till the skin breaks in tatters, staining the walls with stripes of scarlet.

Why is this world so damned judgemental? He was amazing, yet you treated him like the scum of the earth because he was Asian. You laughed when his adoptive father called him racist nicknames. You stared with hardened faces at the car accident where his brother died. He felt so guilty after that accident, he lived and yet Hunter died! He attempted suicide yet again for the thirty-first time, swallowing the pills slowly, drinking vodka in between.

falls screaming yet I met him, I loved him, I showed him the world could be a beautiful place without you.

Maybe if you'd helped, things wouldn't be as they are.

cries softly Maybe if you'd accepted everyone as they are, instead of scorning them or hurting them- we would still have a brilliant artist with us today. You've murdered many others with your hateful words I'm sure.

stares silently, a blank look on her face.

So what's to stop me from joining him now?

This is just something that I wrote one night when I was just thinking about him. I'm not going to kill myself.


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