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Miss Justine Inglis

One year ago this Easter you left me and went to a better place that I new you were longing for at your ripe old age of 91 years. There so many things I wish I could have said to you. The stroke left you unable to communicate in those last days and I knew that after the pain of losing your youngest son, My Father (John Inglis) to Lung Cancer that your time was near as I knew how broken your heart was. But now a year on I still miss you terribly, you where my mother who gave of yourself to care for a baby such as me in what should have been your golden years. I thank you for all your love and support you gave to me and I only pray that I have made you proud. I wish that in the last few weeks after dads death (7th March 2000, aged 53 who was my very best friend) and then your passing 5 weeks later on the 15th of April that I had been able to be there more for you. I was so engrossed in caring for dad that I had little or no energy to be there for you too! I was and am very broken still at losing you both, my parents, so soon. I remember the last few times we spent together after dad passed away and how sad your eyes were and I pray that you are no longer in pain. However now I feel a small as a child that is left with an enormous heartache and void that feels as though it will never heal. Our last few times together were so special even though without words, but sometimes I feel that love and silence can often fill a void that words can no longer express.

I remember the lunch out together and the drive to dad's grave and the flowers we bought and the tears we cried together also the joys that we had too! You are so special to me, I just hope I can make it through all of this, but I trust that you and dad will be with me all the way.

You were the light in my life

You gave me hope

To carry on

Those days are gone

But I was blessed by your tenderness

This heartache I feel

Seems so surreal

Is this a dream or a nightmare

Give me the strength to face the day.

Nana, the year has come

And it will soon be gone

I only pray I can carry on

I love you Nana, and hope you can hear how much you meant to me

That you will be forever dear.

Rest in Gods Peace that you so richly deserve.

My love to you now, to eternity and beyond

Your loving Daughter and Grand-Daughter

Justine xxxx

Miss Justine Inglis

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Anniversary date - Nana 04-15-00
Date of post - 04-09-01

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