A Goodbye to My Husband, Kevin

Karen Sealover

My husband Kevin was my one and only best friend and the love of my life. He was diagnosedwith Cancer on April 21, 1996. About one week after our 10th wedding anniversary. He got me roses that year. It was only the second time in 14 years of knowing him that he ever got me roses. The first time... well that was his way of saying "do you forgive me". The second time (our anniversary) was his second time of saying "do you forgive me". You see, he knew he was sick and as soon as we got the actual diagnosis, he said to me "you don't deserve this,you deserve so much better...". But that was sooooo like him. He was so unselfish, loving, kind and considerate. He didn't cry for himself but for those he was leaving behind to pick up the pieces. Since he didn't want me to cry or to say goodbye,I wrote this poem after he died. I wish I could let him know how privledged I felt to be ableto share in his life and his death.

Kevin how I loved you so

as we watched our children grow

You stood by me each day and night

even when we'd fuss and fight

Each morning you would shed a smile

to me that made it all worthwhile

I miss your strength, your warmth, your light

your loving arms, your face so bright

When I met you I was naive and weak

now, because of you I can finally speak

Thank you Kevin, for everything

the years, the tears, the memories

And mostly for our children

your greatest gift and legacy

I Love You Always

Karen Sealover

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Anniversary date - 10-24-00
Date of post - 04-07-01

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