Rick, My Best Friend

Amanda Kerschner Cook

In honor of Richard "Rick" Kerschner

Sept. 14, 1955 - Feb. 4, 2001


You taught me so much about life. And now that I am a parent and have married and established a career, I have just begun to understand your words and wisdom.

Please continue to look over me. Please, be my angel! I am having such a hard time believing right now, but I have to believe. It's the only thing that keeps me sane.

There was so much I wanted to do with you and share with you! I think of you every single day. I see your smile and your strong hands in my head. It seems like only yesterday that you looked at me and smiled. I knew you were waiting for me before you passed. With all the love, strength, guidance and support you have given me, I will be okay. But I will never stop missing you ever! I look forward to the day that we can be together again. I will cherish our memories and tell everyone about you! Every single person that has ever met you has been touched by your life. Your outlook on life, your hard work and success, your humor, your stubbornness, your gentleness, and everything about you was so wonderful! You will always be the man that Ilove the most!

I hate cancer, dad! I hate it! I always thought you were going to beat it! But I guess God needed you. I feel so selfish, daddy, but I need you too. And mom needs you. Please tell me that I will feel better. Please, daddy! I am so scared! I am so very scared that I am going to forget something about you, or about our memories. Please help me to remember them! Please, help me!

I want you to always remember what I told you the week before you passed, Don't ever forget, okay? Can you hear me daddy? Please, if there is some way to let me know, I need to know! I need to know that you'll always be there, even if I can't hear you or see you.

I love you the mostest! I love you forever. You are my special person!

Forever Yours, Amanda Lee

Amanda Kerschner Cook

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Anniversary date - 02-04-01
Date of post - 04-16-01

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