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Carolyn Keane

I want to write to honor my darling daughter who died February 4, 2001 at age 41 in her sleep. I will never forget the call that "something terrible had happened." I knew immediately that this was not an accident that happened. She had been dead several hours sleeping next to her companion. He suffers too from the visions of trying to wake her and knowing that the way she looked she was gone. I have been suffering and my husband her father so very much. He in silence and me wailing. I am having therapy increasing to once a week and this is the best week so far. There was so much to be done since she lived 3 hours away and her father is 70yrs and not well. We had seen her 2 weeks before and I spoke to her the day before. Her last words on the telephone were, "I love you." Those words will be with me forever. She died of a cardiac problem and had not seen a cardiologist. Was treated with Lasix only. I must stop saying we could have if only she lived nearer. However it is too late and it is done. Her heart was enlarged more so for a girl of 41yrs from the autopsy. I am anxious to finalize her estate so that I can grieve peacefully. I will never be the same again I wake up and will always awaken as long as I am alive to the realization she is gone. I visit her grave every day when I am out as we have buried her near our home. Today is March 30, 2001. I remind myself that I too and her father and grieving brother will some day be with her. That is my only consolation. Answers are welcomed.

With sincere wishes to all who grieve like us.

Carolyn Keane

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