Charles Anthony Cobb

Steve & Brenda Cobb

Our son was 20 years old he died of medication the doctor prescribed to him. June 6th of 2000 around 6am he died on the floor in his bedroom. The autopsy revealed that his heart stopped and his blood level was pretty high of the medication zaprixia. He never had a chance and we are always missing him wondering if he is scared, hurt, where he is. The pain never goes away no matter how busy we are Chuck is still on our minds and hearts. No we don't understand death at all. What makes this worse is that on June 12th was his 21 birthday. Chuck was a mild young man he never lied to you or did anything to hurt you. He just did his thing, he never judged anyone. Chuck was a believer in God and the Lord God Jesus Christ. Chuck loved everything God has created he liked animals he enjoyed art drawing, etc. We just wanted to share we really have no one to talk to and we hurt bad. We know we are not the only parents to go through this. Thank you for letting us share our story.

Steve & Brenda Cobb

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