Big Turn Dave

Lisa Thomas

Dear and true friends are with us always

All around you his love will be

Very special memories you will have forever

Every time you think of him, he will be with you in your heart and soul

On March 7th 2000, I lost my closest friend in an air accident. A friend who was always there 24/7.

His name is Dave, he was a pilot. We meet about 6 years ago through a friend, we become very close. Carrying each other in time of need and supporting each other with everything.

Dave loved to talk on the phone for hours with anyone that would listen and have conversation. He loved helping people, would never hurt anyone unintentionally. He loved to joke and have fun. He knew I loved him so much and protected him whenever I needed.

He was brought up on a dairy farm with wonderful parents and a lovely sister. His parents always supported everything he did and helped make things happen. Dave loved his parents so much, he was always thinking of their future and that they should be comfortable in their retirement and not want for anything as he did as a child.

Dave went through hard time as do we all at some stage of our lives. I want him to still be here because it hurts so much not to have him here. He was at a good place in his life when he died and through this horrible thing at least I can say, things were good for him before he left.

I want to thank him for always being there for me and my children. I know he's watching over us and I imagine he gets a little sad when he sees me cry but it's only because I loved him so much.

There is not one single day that passes without Dave in it, mostly it's morning when I wake and lots through the day. As time passes by me and the business of life the distance of my thoughts is wider.

I honor my friend as he did good people and animals. Always had a home for that stray pet nobody wanted. Opened his home to many people he didn't even know.

He loved his parents, sister, friends, sea, animals, flying and life. Big Turn Dave was a nickname that we had given him, as he loved to tickle your tummy when he did joy rides with his helicopter.

Dave was and is still my inspiration. He was a honest man with a big heart and good morals and values.

Thank you for the time of your life that you gave to me,I will always treasure it and never forget it even in my pain.

The tragic accident that ended Dave's life also ended 3 other peoples lives, affecting 3 other lots of families and hundreds of friends. I am hurting because I lost my closest friend, but my love goes out to all those other people involved and I hope thatthey some day will find some peace .

Some times its hard to find the words to say I'm sorry.

Never ever in Dave's world would he hurt anybody.

I love you forever Dave and can't wait to see you and hug you again...xxxx

Lisa Thomas

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Anniversary date - 03-07-00
Date of post - 03-03-01

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