Darrwin William David Higgs, Age 9

Timothy Darren Higgs

It was early evening on Friday some time around seven. The month was June and I can still recall the clear blue sky and the echo of my children's voices as they played in the front yard. I was full of peace watching from a far, feeling lucky to be blessed with the joy that can only come from having eight children. Far off in the distance I could hear the water flowing over the rocks in our creek ,and a woodpecker feeding on insects that dwelled under the bark of the old willowtree. I knew at that moment I was blessed, tritely touched by the hands of God. I walked down past the garden glancing to the place where they were playing ball: I spoke out and asked , who wants ice cream ? My wife gathered up the family and walked to the end of the drive way to wait for me as I got dressed. I put on a shirt, got in the car and started down our long driveway I had know idea how close God really was.

Looking down the driveway I could see my sons Timmy, Andrew, and Darrwin also my wife Pat. I saw my son Darrwin go across the street to the mailbox, we were waiting for a letter from the post office. He made it to the mailbox got out large envelope and with a big smile on his face looked to the left and then to the right then began his journey home. The car hit him with its left fender and then turned hard to the right going in-between my wife and my two sons. In less than a heartbeat my world changed forever.

Shortly before the accident we watched a movie called A Heart for Baby Jessica, after the movie Darr jumped up from the couch, put on his baseball cap and said: if he could do that (donate his organs ) he would. Little did he know that the was so close, or did he? Darrwin left behind his heart that went to a four year boy from Philadelphia,P.A. Hisliver to a man in upstate N.Y. The corneas to a young girl with blindness from eye trauma. Every year twenty thousand potential donors die. Out of the twenty thousands only four thousand end up donating. Perhaps it's time to take a few moments and pass on the gift of life. SAVE SOMEONE ELSE THE PAIN OF LOSS.

Timothy Darren Higgs

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