Angel of Mine


At the age of 7 I knew what CF was. At the age of 9 I found out there was no cure. At the age of 15 I found out it kills.

My Mom always told me and my sister that the angels was going to come and get her one day. We always just laughed it off and never really thought twice about it. It was natural to talk about and weddings as if for some reason knowing are Mom was going to be there right by our sides through all of these events. We spent are whole lives in waiting rooms and doctors offices. But it never bothered us much because we knew that my Mom would walk out hopefully feeling better. And maybe walk out one day free of all her hurt and pain. Free of wearing an oxygen tank and all the pill bottles that healed her life in a tight grasp.

She never got better. It was so hard on me and my sister. To watch your Mom slowly deteriorate in front of your eyes is not easy. But a smile on our face we always kept. If you looked closely into my mothers eyes you could see a little part of heaven so when you looked at her you really had no choice but to smile. That was the best thing about her besides the fact that she was a great Mom.

On May 24.1998, my mother Sherry Ann Parks died from CF at the age of 38. For a while I thought God had something against me and I hated him for taking my Mom away. I hated everyone and everything. But in the end just like she did when she was alive my Mom helped me through it. I realized that a mothers love never leaves her children. She will always be with me. And it was not CF that took her from me but God took her to pass on her kindness and gentleness to those who need it in heaven. I miss my Mom a lot. Not a birthday of hers goes by when I do not cry, nor a holiday when I do not wish she was still here. But now when I think of her I just look up towards the heavens and instead of seeing the heavens I see my mothers big green eyes looking down on me and something inside of me tells me everything is going to be O.K.


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Anniversary date - 05-24-98
Date of post - 03-28-01

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