A Time and A Place for Everything

Maryann Magill

Dear Mom, I love you. Always have and always will. I found this site, and believe that it is time to share some thoughts and feelings with you. I remember many of your usual catch phrases, like " there is a time and place for everything", "offer it up for the poor souls of purgatory","patience is a virtue", "let me kiss it and make it better","remember the power of prayer", "Let go and Let God", and most of all, the Serenity Prayer's line...accepting hardship as a pathway to peace. My thanks to the authors of all of the phrases that my mom would use...my thanks to you mom, for the many ways that you shared your life with your family and your friends. Now I need to share some of what I am learning about myself, and life, by your unexpected, sudden death.

I woke to a phone call with the news that you died. It was 3:54am. I had no idea that you were at the ER all day, then home to rest...later, trying to climb the stairs to go to bed, you collapsed,and started another part of your journey...first, 911 workers and others, like Dad, Joanne & Nancy were with you, throughout the rest of the night...as morning began, we too, started to mourn...you left your physical body behind, and us too...I wish that I could have been there to say good-bye, or I'll see you again soon..or that I am so very sorry for the times that I took you for granted, or for the times that I embarrassed you, or hurt you...I wish I could have held your hand or brushed your hair the way you liked...but, I don't need to say goodbye, as you will always remain part of who I am, and my angel.

In faith, hope and love, with all my love, your daughter xoxo

Maryann Magill

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Date of post - 2-24-01

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