Death of My Dad


In January of 1996 my very best friend passed away my father jim burnett i was the baby girl of 8 kids he was my hero i loved him so much, he was there to give me away when i was married also to see my children when they were born, when i got divorced he neversaid i told you so he was just there to hold me and let me cry, i never thought anything could hurt this bad.then inmarch my girls father passed away that hurt so bad cause he was always there for me to hang on to.then in june my very best friend that i was married to passed away to me it felt like everyone i loved so much was being taken away from me.

then in aug. my brother in law passed away then i started saying why why why but even though i have lost so much i still thank god everyday that i had them all in my life i will always miss them and cry alot that i dont have them today to see my beatiful grandsons but i know know who they are. my grandson never met his great grandfather but to this day my grandson will tell you that papa plays cars with him and he will show you in a picture who he papa is and we never told name is diane and i am 42 years old


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Anniversary date - 1-96
Date of post - 2-20-01

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