My Beloved Wife

Joel Beer

She was born Jacqueline Jean Paulsen, on October 15, 1976. She came into a loving family oftwo wonderful parents and three caring siblings. Jacqueline grew up as a spunky tomboy. She made countless friends and built lasting relationships with those around her. She was the type of person everyone liked, and that did not change as she grew.

Unfortunately, Jacqueline also suffered some tragedy in her life. In the summer before she turned eighteen, her mother was killed in a work accident. With the closeness of the family, this affected everyone a great deal. Jackie was the only child at home though.

She cared for her father day in and day out for a number of weeks as the loss took a tremendous toll on him. She never really was able to get over the loss of her mother, and it took several years for her to move forward.

Just over a year later, Jackie would start to date a man she would eventually fall in love with. It was a relationship that started on the 4th of July, and that was appropriate as we both set off fireworks in each other. The two of us would be the best thing that ever happened to one another. We were married two years later on July 5, 1997, the greatest day in my life.

It was only 18 months until our love produced a beautiful daughter, Jeanette Margery. She was named after the grandmother she would never have a chance to meet. That little girl became everything to Jackie. Being a mother came so naturally to her. Women who had been mothers long before her would call in search of advice from Jackie. If mothers were paid for the work they do with money, Jackie would have been a millionaire.

Even though she committed so much to her daughter, Jackie was still more than I could have ever asked for in a spouse. I always knew that I was loved, even when times were tough. Jackie was always there for me.

On December 12, 2000, Jacqueline Jean Beer's life came to an abrupt end. She died as a result of heart failure, but the cause of this is not yet known. The studies are all coming up empty, and the coroner is still scratching his head. The question of 'why?' will never leave my mind, even if a cause is found. Jackie was 24 years old, appeared to be in outstanding health, and lived life to its fullest.

She was the type of person who always looked out for others, and would help anyone in need.Now she is able to help us all as she is looking down upon us with her mother, and trying to heal our hearts. She has a tough job ahead of her, but I know my wife. She will not give up until we all are healed.

I love you my beloved wife. I will never forget you.

Joel Beer

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