A Grandaddy's Love

Whitney Hansen

Dear Granddaddy, I know you are in heaven granddaddy and I know you are safe. I just have so many regrets. I never told you how much I loved you. When I saw you in the hospital I was too scared that i would upset you if I let you know how I felt and for some reason I was scared to get too close. I regret this so much. As bad of condition you were in, I still didn't think you were going to die. Yeah it crossed my mind but how could my hero die? There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I'm sorry granddaddy. I'm sorry I didn't do anything and I'm sorry I was out in the lobby asleep while you were going through the toughest battle of your life and died.I thought you were going to be alright. This has been the toughest thing I have ever been through. I miss you so much and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I know you are above watching over me. You even gave me a sign but I long to see you again. I'm glad your troubles are gone and you are free again. I love you granddaddy.

Your granddaughter,

Whitney Hansen

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Date of post - 2-22-01

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