My Best Friend

Marianne Rankin

I have lost people in my daddy when he was 49/1976... his father barely 6 weeks later; his mother in 1990...except we lost her years before to where ever she retreated in her unresponsive mind. I grieved & I missed them, still do. No dishonor,for I did love them & I adored my daddy....just in a valley of loss since the 6th of February this year.... I lost my dearest friend, confidant & a lady I tried to see toyears before her children realized (4 1/2 years ago) GC needed sitters around the clock, even though the only son lived/will in the house. GC was 98 1/2. Yes, I know she lived a long time & she, to me, was an angel who walked amongst us & hold dear the bond we shared/share. I am her 1st grandchild..there are 5 children, 11 grands & 11 greats.. & 1 living sibling....everyone, except me, seems to welcome moving on & moving past the review of the caretaking/tending of GC. It was my joyto see after her & befriend her sitters.

I know this grief I will work through. I understand that with time I will be lead by a loving Father to what my daily life in the next chapter of my life revolves around. I am grateful for deadlines & 'busy work'. But I miss her. GC was my best friend. There is nothing we didn't chat about. All my life.

I worry her last few weeks were painful & there should have been something more I could have done to relief it. I hope I did all I could..I tried. I was reminded I was just a grandchild, tried harder.

She didn't bake cookies, she did make you drink your milk & eat oatmeal with raisens. Shedidn't interupt my life/routine by calling; but we both revolved our daily life around her home for many years. My choice, joy & thanksgiving.

I've not lost a mate or a heart goes out to those who have. She was old in years, young in spirit my GC, she's ok now...the world keeps revolving & I will adjust. One day.

Many thanks for your site as well as to the friend who forwarded it.

Marianne Rankin

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