Jan Ingram

In loving memory of Lily Peterson who was still born 2/22/00 and her sister Carsyn Louise Peterson 1/4/01-1/24/01.

A message to my daughter.....every day I awake and wonder what I can do for you today. I have no answers. I cannot take this pain away, I cannot make this better. I cannot even pray for you cause I have no prayers left. I have never in my life felt so helpless. I am so sorry for your and Justin's loss. So sorry that Chloe won't have the baby sister that she wanted so bad. She told me again the other day that she was praying for her sister to come back and again I told her that it wasn't possable, she told me we would talk about something else and changed the subject. How can she understand this, she has lost 2 sisters.

How can we turn back time and take this all away? I love you. I am so very sorry you have to live with this pain.


Jan Ingram

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Anniversary date - 2-22-00 and 1-2
Date of post - 2-3-01

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