Loss of My Other Half

Margaret Houston

I am 56 years old and was maried to a wonderful guy for 38 years, he was 58 years.

Last April 2000 he wasn't feeling very good, so he went to doctor for a checkup and wastold he had extremely high blood pressure. By May he started taking medication but this did not help. By June he was taking 6different kinds of medication which still did not help. October 2000 he almost died because of these drugs, he was completely dehydrated and had almost no blood pressure. Admitted to hospital where he was overhydrated and sent home next day. A few days afterthat his whole body swelled up, he was totally unrecognizable. Went to the doctor several times a week and was told "its only a reaction to the drugs"

November 12, he could not breathe due to the massive swelling around his neck, back to the emergency room that night, where he spent the whole night on breathing apparatus and to lack of beds within the hospital.

I returned to the hospital the following day, met his doctor who put his arms around me andgently told me he would not make it through the week as he had advanced terminal lung cancer. My husband had not been told of this diagnosis it was left up to me to pass on his death sentence. I could not take away his hope of getting better and destroy all the plans he was making for an early retirement and getting some enjoyment out of life at last. One week in hospital and 5 radiation treatments he was sent home again to die. By this time he was immobile and had a wheelchair, I nursed him day and night for 3 weeks by myself.

December 10 we were celebrating his birthday, but he seemed agitated and was getting breathless too easy. Back to the hospital, where I was told this was the end and he had only a couple of hours left. He was given massive doses of morphine and I held his hand for his last couple of hours while he was in a coma. Eventually his breathing slowed down, then stopped. I knew he had taken his last breath and half of me died at that moment too.

Till we meet again.....Love forever

Margaret Houston

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