My Husband, My Life


the worst day of my life was when he took his last breath and ended my life.he was diognosed with cancer lung canser terminal in january 1996 they said maby a year. he was gone in feb.i still believed he was coming home even though they told me he only had a few days or hours left.

i guess my mind was not listening. his birthday was feb.23 he was 55 he died 3 days later on his birthday he had a stroke cancer related and couldnt talk its been 5 years and imiss him as much as ever we were never apart from the time we were married in 1961 untill he died it felt like i was in a deep black hole with no way out the night he left me i felt like little pieceswhere flying off of me and i could not get them back i still dont think i have all of them back my life is so empty sometimes i think i will die of lonliness their is nothing left for me i just wait for God to take me home then i will live again i know my husband Bill my friend my lover is waiting for me and i will see him again as well as my Lord thank youfor this opertunity to honer him


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Anniversary date - 2-28-96
Date of post - 1-6-01

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