My Son, Ricky


July 31 1999 at 11pm I recieved the call from my daughter in calif saying quote: Mom Ricky is dead my heart sank to my toes, My worst fears came true I sent my son out to calif from Michigan for a 6 week vacation with his real dad to try and help build a father son bond that was never there for 11 years they were on there way home after a wedding when a 23 yr.old ran a stop sgn and t boned the minivan right where my baby was sitting threw him out of the van it rolled over an landed on top of him, killing him instainty. What really made this hard on me is the fact that his dad never called me to explain what happened, I had to call the highway patrol for details even though the dad was released from the hospital within 1 hour afterwardsl. I flew out there 2 days later to bring my baby home and to my surprise funeral services had already been made for burial out there. Now what hurts the most is how dare he he never even lived with him no support no visits 2 cards in 11 years How does one deal with grief at this level. What makes this all even harder is I am waiting for a liver transplant I am very ill...Can anyone help? Please let me know.

Thank You Rebecca


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Anniversary date - July 31, 1999
Date of post - January 9, 2000

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