Loss of My Son

Darlene Silva

My Son Alan drowned on Dec 13, 2000. He was duck hunting in a boat that he built .Alan was a very experienced outdoors man. Most of his life he hunted and fished in the same dam. He went hunting that day all alone. The wind came up and swamped the boat. He was not found until Dec.26,2000 - 13 days later.

My pain was so bad in those 13 days of not finding him. God is the only one who kept me going. I have the poem Footprints, the one that God carries you, that was what God did.

Alan left behind two beautiful Sons my Grandchildren. My husband and I our so blessed to have them because our heart is so broken with our loss.

Alan was 41 years old and his boys are 14 & 11. He will be so missed. My heart is broken but I do know that we are not alone with the pain.

Darlene Silva

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Anniversary date - 12-13-00
Date of post - 2-17-01

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