Ronnie, Our Seven Year Old Angel


Ronnie was a "farm kid", in every traditional sense. He loved to go with his dad everywhere. He could drive a skid steer at the age of 4. Ronnie had beautiful blue eyes, the kind that you could look at forever. His white hair was exactly like his dad's. He wanted to do everything like his dad, would drag out his clothes and try to wear them to school! He always had that sparkle in his eyes that would make people love him. His smile would knock you out.

We lost Ronnie January 20, 2001, it has been almost 2 weeks since the accident. Ronnie's sister Morgan was having her 9th birthday party, we were busy with the decorations and the excitement of numerous little girls sleeping over, the balloons and crepe paper were being hung. Ronnie and his dad (my husband), decided to go to a lumber yard for some insulation for the shop. Ronnie wanted to be able to work out there with his dad, and it was just too cold in there. They left the house at approx 3:30 pm for the lumber yard.

My husband phoned the house at approx 4pm and was very distraught and asked to talk to his father who was at our house for Morgan's birthday party. I handed him the phone. He immediately said we had to go, and would only tell me that Ronnie had been hurt and didn't know how bad.

After riding for what it seemed like forever, we arrived at the lumber yard, there where 2 ambulances and 2 fire trucks there and they had the road blocked off. We ran inside the store, up the isle where my husband was on his knees watching the EMT's with my son. I was notified that air med was coming to take my son to the hospital an hour away from where we were. They would not allow us to ride with him. We were told to meet them there.

I stood there in complete and utter shock. My husband, father-in-law, and I watched them take Ronnie to the helicopter. He was covered in blood, his heart was not beating, and he wasn't breathing on his own.

My husband and I drove for what seemed like hours upon hours to the hospital, I found out that my husband and Ronnie had walked into the lumber store, down to the end of the second isle to find the nails. Ronnie walked around his dad, to the end ofthe first isle, approx 5 feet away from my husband. My husband heard a crash, and Ronnie was laying under 8 x 10 boards, according to police 24 of them.

We reached the hospital, only to be greeted by the chaplin, and told we had to wait for the doctor to talk to us. He took us into a private room and told us our son had passed away. I have never in my life felt pain so great and strong. Family and friends tell me that it will get better. I know in my heart that it will never get better.

We visit Ronnie several times a day and have a candle we light for him at his grave.

My daughter and my 2 year old son will never see their brother again, because 24 boards fell on him at the same time that were not properly placed. My life is changed forever and I will never be the same. I see him everywhere, and he is all I think about.

Ronnie, we love you and miss you deeply,

Mom, Dad, Morgan, and Jacob


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