Our Beloved Son, David

Marilyn M. Ferro

We lost our beloved son, David, on a cold, windy day in December 1995. I received a telephone call from my son's guidance counselor who told me that he had collapsed in gym. Knowing that sudden death could be a consequence of his diagnosed IHSS, I feared the worst but hoped for a miracle. There was no miracle and my son sucumbed to this disease on that day.

My heart and my mind refused to accept this terrible event. I screamed for him to be returned to me. I was a great mother and so I demanded that God give me reasons why this child should be taken from me. My faith deserted me or I was just unwilling to find the justification to continue to believe.

It is 5 years past that horrific day. I believe that I have "turned some corners" and that I am more able to laugh, to enjoy good days and to look forward to the rest of my life. I am not the same woman I once was, however, and even the best of days are shadowed by the thoughts of missing my precious son.

I know that others have found their faiths to be a solace in these terrible times and I would appreciate hearing from someone who can make some sense of this for me.

David- I will always love you and always be your Mom.

Marilyn M. Ferro

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Anniversary date - 12-95
Date of post - 1-26-01

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