Gone Too Soon!


In Memory of Eric William

April 1968-January 2000

You were the light of my life. You passed from this earth but left behind a legacy of love to those you left behind. You brought joy to all the lives you touched.

Just two and one-half months after his marriage to my beautiful daughter-in-law, Mandy, Eric William lost his battle for life. The paralysis he lived with for 13 years, due to a C5 spinal injury, had taken its toll.

Since his passing we have experienced beautiful and unexpected things. Eric William loved a snowfall, and the week after his passing it snowed.

I believed that Eric William visits each and everyday sending love and spreading laughter just as he did here on earth, only now he has a heavenly power to help him do it in a grand and spectacular way. He is no longer in pain or paralyzed, he runs.

I know that time will heal, but I sure do miss his wonderful presence.

I love you my dearest Eric William.



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Anniversary date - 1-17-00
Date of post - 1-17-01

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