Infant Son Sadly Missed

Sheila Riley

It all came too an end when my little 3 month old son Joshua died the morning of September

8,2000. It was so hard to ever believe that this had happened to me and my family. He was so happy and joyful the night before. The autopsy reports told us that he had died of pneumonia. Which too this day is still so very hard for us to believe. He had never shown any symptoms of being sick at all. So when he passed it was hard to believe that this had happened. It has been one of the hardest times of our lives. I wake up every morning with my children and that morning comes back to me each day. I close my eyes at night and I see the vision of him of the way my oldest son and I found him.

It has been really hard for all of us to deal with this loss. But ecspecially hard on my son and I. He has had a hard time dealing with this whole situation. His grades have dropped, he cannot sleep in a room by himself, and he has nightmares every night.We miss Joshua very much and we hope to start living our lives better. But without him it is so hard.

Sadly Missed By Your Mom,Daddy,Joseph,Justin and Jessica.

I am 29 years old I have 3 older children Joseph 8 Justin 7 Jessica 1. I would be more than happy for people to e-mail me.

Thank You,

Mrs.Sheila Riley And Family

Sheila Riley

You can send email to Sheila Riley at [email protected]

mail welcome

Anniversary date - 9-8-00
Date of post - 1-13-01

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