We Will Always Miss You Daniel


Daniel came into our lives through our daughter Kyleen. They fell in love and within 12 months they were married. I am Kyleen's mother. I don't have any sons so when Daniel started to date Kyleen our whole family fell in love with him. I was glad tohave a son added to our family. Kyleen and Daniel's wedding was beautiful and simple. It was obvious to everyone there that this was a LOVE that would last forever. They were married Aug 19th 2000. In Oct.Kyleen and Daniel and Daniel's brother and parents went to South Dakota for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration in the family. On Oct.15th they were driving from Daniel's grandmother's house to Daniel's cousin's house. (about a thirty mile drive) They were in a tragic auto accident and Daniel was killed instantly. Our Daniel died eight weeks and one day after their wedding. Daniel was a friend to everyone. He was what we called an old soul. We always thought that Daniel was born in the wrong era. He loved 70's music. (which was what we grew up with) While everyone else was into rap Daniel was listening to the same music that his parents grew up on. I loved the way that he treated my daughter and I was excited about the grandchildren that would be coming. I can't imagine what Daniel's parents are going through. I haven't lost a child but Daniel felt like one of mine. I can only imagine the pain that they are going through. Its hard to watch my daughter go through this. She turned 20 the day after his death. I think she is a brave girl. Daniel, you will be missed and loved forever.


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Anniversary date - 10-15-00
Date of post - 1-31-01

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