For the Love of My Life


First thing I would like to say is she was more of a mother than a Aunt. She lived with me my whole life she helped my mom raise me and my two brothers. She was a great cook a very creative person she always had things for the family to do together an I'm so happy that we all spent that time with her since she had to leave us so early in her life. I just wish that I could tell her how much I love her and how much I miss her and that she is my life and my reason for living as she and many other of my family members have told me and my brothers that we were hers. Since she never had any kids we must live on in memory of her and never forget her and the wonderful person she was. I'm starting my memorial by writing you to honor her an let her memory live on forever...

I love you Aunt Bernie


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Anniversary date - 4-00
Date of post - 12-24-00

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