In Memory of Rich Survoy

Paul K.

It's been over a year now. I have had the chance to accept everything that happened that night and try to move on. It was August 27, 1999, just a few days after school had started. Rich Survoy was riding in the back seat of a Camaro. His friends Mike Prucha and Mike Danzey were also in the car along with the driver Chris Brennan. They were racing a white GT3000 down Foltz Ind.Pkwy.a little after 11pm that night, but as they neared the end of the road, Chris couldn't stop the car fast enough and they crashed sideways into a Pin Oak tree at nearly 100 MPH. Chris died instantly, Mike Prucha was rushed to the hospital and died on arrival, Mike Danzey walked away with scrapes and Rich died on the scene. It has taken a lot to cope with all of this. It was such a shock when it happened. I had just talked to Rich that day and we were supposed to go to a sports park in N. Royalton soon. I guess I couldn't accept the fact that he was gone. I never could imagine someone my age dying. I mean you hear about it all the time on the news, but it's never anyone you know. It really hits hard when it's a friend.

I went through all the recovery things including talked to a psychiatrist about the accident. There is still one thing I want to know from Rich. When he talked to me, he mentioned a kid named "Chase" who was supposed to go with us. I have been trying to track down this person now for a year with no luck. So if your name is Chase and you are reading this, e-mail me please!

Anyways, that's about all I have to say... I know this story is probably pretty hard to follow since I'm half asleep right now. Rich, I just want you to know, I pray for you and your family all the time. I drive past your house all the time, hoping to see you outside or in the cavalier. I have wanted to talk to your parents but I hardly know them at all and feel awkward about it. I will always remember Rich, always.

Your friend, Paul

Paul K.

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Anniversary date - 8-27-99
Date of post - 12-15-00

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