Alan, I Will Miss You!


Tonite Alan i can't get you out my mind,when i heard of your tragic sudden death on saturday i did not know how to feel. now i realize i will never see you again it hurts me so bad i want to so much hold u in my arms tell you i cared for you.

your face is so fresh in my mind, when i am writing this i fell numb. i wish i could had saw you one last time ,i feel we had so much to say to each other now we can never say anything ,that hurts so bad.

Alan my heart will stay full off our times we shared together , i will keep your memorie alive forever.

Alan i dont want to let you go i want to say goodbye to you properly. i feel scared for you, i want to know you are somewhere happy i just cant stop myself from crying every time i picture you and than to think you are not there it breaks my heart.

27 is to young to die.

well my sweet friend Alan i pray you are somewhere you want to be i will miss you so muchalan what way do i finish this letter i feel i could write forever.

alan you will always be in my heart.

love you, ann


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Anniversary date - 12-10-00
Date of post - 12-13-01

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