Daughter Killed in Train Wreck

Karen Hyde

My name is Karen Hyde I am 42 years old, and I am writing this in honor of my faughter,Brandi Danielle Willis. Brandi was killed in a wreck with a train. The train never blew it's whistle and she never new it was there. I thank God that she was taken instantly, the collision broke everything in her body. You know that you think that things like this only happen to other people, never to your family and heaven forbid to one of your children. Brandi died on July 7th, 2000, she would have been 20 years old on her birthday, September 22.

When my daughter died a part of me died with her. I really didn't think that I would survive this, but I did. It has taken me many months to believe that it had happened. You wait for them to come home or call. You know in your heart that they won't come home or call but you think about it because it's just natural, after watching them grow up and teaching them all the things they need to learn when they get out in the world. But nothing ever prepares you for loosing them. I think the only thing that has saved me was my wonderful husband, Brandi's stepfather whom she loved very much, and turning my life over to God. When things get to much and the pain is unbearable, God helps me carry the load. I know that she is in a far better place than I am and that she will never be hurt again. The hard part for me to accept is that I was not there to protect her. I know that was impossible, she was in the car alone, but that is just a mothers natural instinct, protect our children. But God is with me and I know that when the hurt is unbearable, all I have to do is ask for his help. He will never let you down.

Thank you for letting me tell of my daughter, Brandi.

Karen Hyde

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