The Christmas Tears

Linda McInturff

The Christmas Tears

I will gather with the family,

Christmas Day is finally here,

But I will reserve a moment of time,

To shed my Christmas tear.

This special moment is just for us,

A mother and her son,

I'll laugh and cry about times gone by,

And all the things we've done.

As I hum our Christmas carols,

I'll open the gift you made for me.

This gift is more precious than gold itself,

It's the gift of your memory.

As I sift through the layers of tissue

That are in this gift of mine,

It takes me back to a Christmas past,

To a brighter and happier time.

I'll relive all the Christmases

That we had for twenty-two years,

Knowing that there will be no more,

Brings on the Christmas tears.

But you have bestowed a second gift,

That starts things all anew,

A granddaughter to mend the hole in my heart,

That was left by losing you.

I trust these precious gifts of yours

Will sustain me through the years,

And maybe there will be a Christmas day,

With no more Christmas tears.

-Linda McInturff

In Memory of her Son

Robert T. Ching, Jr.

Christmas 2000

Linda McInturff

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