Tears For My Father

Dawn Miller

Who will walk me down then isle if I ever have a wedding day? Or better yet, why didn't heaven give up a fight when he passed away? He fell to the ground and was dead. One instant and the next thing I knew was that I felt empty - like I didn't have a home. There was no where for all of my love to go. If I could only dig his body up and hold him one more time.

I went insane when he passed away. For two days I thought that I was him. It hurt too much to face reality.

Everyday I pray that I can see him again - and soon.

My father, Robert Edward Lee Miller, was amazing. He never said "I love you", he never hugged me either. You may feel sorry for me, but he went beyond words or touch. The way he'd gently tug a strand of hair, call me his "girl", or grin his beautiful grin. I knew, I felt, I harboured his love. Now all that I feel is a deep hole and constant yearning to be with him in heaven. I often curse God for giving me such a wonderful father then taking him away.

Maybe someday I'll understand, but I know that he can never be replaced.

Dawn Miller

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