Tribute to Mom and Grandmother


This loss is hard for me for several reasons. I lost my dad at the age of 8. I hardly knew him. My mom and grandmom raised me. They were everything to me, all I knew in my 36 yrs on this earth, especially since I lived at home with them and my older brother.

They did everything for me over the years, and I knew it.... they gave me anything and everything I ever wanted or needed. I tried not to take them for granted, but im sure I did at times.... I didnt mean to. They knew how much I loved them and appreciated them.... I told them often over the years.....

I'm now in this big house with my brother, and mom and grandmom are GONE FOREVER! That will take a long time to get use to, if we ever can.....this house is so quiet and lonely.... I miss them dearly. I want them back, but I know it won't happen!

There is not a minute that goes by during the day that I don't think of them..... sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming... maybe they are not gone? Perhaps they are in the hospital like so many times before, and they will be coming home soon?

I know that's not the case.... my life will NEVER be the same again...

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