Jean M.Johnson Story


It all started on September 11,2000.... The phone rang at one o'clock in the morning. I answered it, my sister was on the phone and said "mom has had a heart attack come quick". I lived one and a half hours away, that was the slowest ride of my life. Mom had not been sick, I talked to her earlier that day but she just said that she did not feel well.

I got their about two thirty in the morning. The hospital was just about to move her to CCU. I stayed and helped her answer all of the questions the CCU nurse had. Then came all the answers to my questions.... Mom had been having a heart attack for 12 hours, she had conjental heart failure. It took the dotors 2 days to stabilize my mother. Sept.14 came the heart cath., the dotor said he would be in 20 minutes to talk to us 6 hours later he came. Told us that mom's heart had been badly damaged, only pumping at 25% now . Sept.15, the Ango plasti (quick fix).... Mom comes out of surgery with a dropping face, slurred speech. We say could mom have had s stroke? Doctors say "no not a chance". Sept.16 coming home we thought(how wrong we were) nuses say gave mom to much of a depressant, overdose she will be fine. For 3 days they told us tha t our mom was loing her mind..Sept 17 my sister demanded a cat scan.

They found 2 stokes. Sept.18 mom had a massive stroke and got put on life support, she was on it for a week and a half. Doctor says she will not come off,she is bleeding enternally lost 4 pints of blood..Sept. 27 mom comes off, doctor says 2 weeks in hospital,1 month in rehab center.

Mom was in the hospital until October 10, 2000. From there she went to a nursing home. October 12 they call say mom has less then 24 hours to live. Oct.13 find out mom has ecoli and staph infection, hospital never told us. October 14,2000 Mom died at the age of 58. She was survied by 4 daughters 35,32,31,23, and one son 34, 2 grandsons 8 and 6 months, 5 grand daughters 10,6,6,5,4. She will be missed by all.


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