I want to share the eulogy I gave at my husbands funeral.

I know some people get upset when they find the toothpaste squeezed from the top instead of the bottom.

Some people rant and rave when they see bread crumbs on the countertop. Others throw a fit if they find underwear on the bedroom floor. I wish all those trivial little problems were waiting for me when I get home today.

That would mean Michael isn't gone, he's still with me, and that all this is just a very bad dream.

To look at Michael, some would think he was this big mean bear of a person. Some rough linebacker for a football team. Or the dreaded (by some) biker. But if you knew him, really knew him, you would know that beneath what some might THINK they see, was the heart and soul of a gentle giant of a man.

The man I knew, went out and picked some wildflowers and some flowering branches from a tree. He arranged them in a basket and gave them to me for Easter.

The man I knew, went to the hospital the night his youngest granddaughter was admitted because of pneumonia, watched as the nurses tried and tried to hit a vein with a needle, and he cried because it was hurting her.

The stories are endless, and many of you have seen that side of Michael. It might have been when he was playing Santa Claus and he was holding YOUR child.

Some called him Henro, or Big Mike, or Santa, but he has always been Michael to me, my gentle giant.

So, the next time the toothpaste, breadcrumbs, or underwear upset you? Don't let it. Be glad you have those trivial little problems. Hug the person that created them...........and be so VERY glad that you can.

And tonight, when you go home, just take a minute, to remember your OWN story of my gentle giant, Michael.

I only had Michael in my life for eight years, but in those eight years I had more than many people have in a lifetime. For that, I am so very, very thankful.

I miss you, Michael !!


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