The Day My Life Changed Forever

Nanette DiPetrillo

In December of 1991 my oldest son Vinnie hadn't felt very well I guess he was coming down with a cold. He had taken 2 days off from work because of this. My husband and I owned and operated a 7-11 convenience store , which kept us very busy and rarely home. I came home from work and to my surprise Vinnie had put up our 10 foot artificial Christmas tree,which was a sign he was feeling better. On that Friday, Vinnie was off to work. We were approaching the weekend and this particular Friday was dreary but mild for December.The entire day I just couldn't put my finger on it but, I was very depressed and cried almost all day off and on. That evening Vinnie was taking his best buddy out to celebrate his 21st birthday. Lying on the sofa, still feeling miserable and depressed, trying to watch some TV,we said our good nite's and told him to be careful.

An hour later, we had a call that there was an accident 2 miles from the house and that my son was taken to the hospital, where he died 2 hours later. I couldn't believe this was happening! There are times I still can't believe it. He was my first born and had only turned 21 years old himself on 10/2. He was the kind of person that would give you the shirt off his back, and help old people fix their flat tires, or any kind of help he could give.

People talk about Friday the 13th , this Friday the 13th was truly a nightmare. I have gone to Doctors, Pyschiatrists, and Therapists, no one could help me the way Compassionate Friends, or the grief group, at the local church has. How can anyone understand the terrible loss we suffer unless they have experienced it themselves. Needless to say that tree stayed up, it remained decorated and in place for 2 years. It is almost 9 years for me and not a day goes by that I don't miss or think of my precious son. I would like to thank Tom Golden, for allowing us to share our hearts with all who understand.

Nanette DiPetrillo

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Date of post - 10-24-00

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